Partner Benefits

Job Search Assistance

To work as an independent consultant means you need to always have one eye on the job market, which in some cases can be a full-time job. This was always a contentious point with our Partners at Procorre, since so much recruitment is driven from interaction on LinkedIn and speed of application. Independent consultants regularly find themselves coming to an end of project without their next project scheduled.

There was always the anomaly though, the Partner who has the network to enable them to move seamlessly from project to project. Unfortunately, not all consultants are quite so fortunate. Procorre looks to provide their Partners with this platform and access to a Partner Network to assist all with securing their next contract. Some Partner benefits include assistance such as:

  1. CV Review/Assistance- an often overlooked but one of toughest challenges of searching for your next engagement.
  2. LinkedIn Review/Advice- With more engagement taking place on various social media channels, the use of LinkedIn has also seen an increase for both advertising of roles and recruiting new candidates through the platform. We will assist with not only reviewing and updating your profile but also ways to utilises the platform to increase your chance of successful application.
  3. Preparing for Interview- Over the last year our Partners have seen a significant increase in the number of videoconference interviews being requested of them, as more opportunities are presented with the option of engaging from home. In 2020 Procorre offered video conferencing support to our Partners, which you could benefit from too.
  4. Dedicated Search- Each Procorre Partner, will have a search dedicated to themselves matching their skillset to projects available in the market and Procorre-owned projects. This search runs alongside their current engagement, which takes away the need for Partners to search for new opportunities and allows them to focus on the project at hand.

Healthcare Insurance

The health insurance plans available to Procorre Partners offer:

  • Shorter Waiting Times
  • Specialist Drugs & Treatments
  • Access to Private Hospitals
  • Quick Access to a GP Service

Medical history disregarded underwriting is the most highly sought after private medical insurance product. Unlike all other types of underwriting, your medical history is completely ignored, so you won’t receive any nasty exclusions or find yourself not being covered for something you’ve had previously.

Understandably this is a popular product but insurers simply cannot afford to offer the product to everyone. Currently there are only 3 ways you can access medical history disregarded underwriting:

  • From birth
  • Company Policy
  • Continuing a company policy privately

As a Procorre Partner operating within the UK via either Procorre Employed or Partner Fee Model, you can gain exclusive access to our company policy, which offers you full Medical History Disregard Healthcare Cover at a heavily subsidised rate.


IR35 (or the Intermediaries Legislation), refers to tax legislation introduced in April 2000. IR35 was introduced to crack down on a particular form of perceived tax avoidance, where individuals would seek to avoid paying employee income tax and NIC’s by supplying services through an intermediary (usually a Personal Service Company, PSC).

Changes to the legislation (made in April 2021) have significantly changed the way that contractors (PSCs) engage with their end-clients. Procorre’s variety of employment models work to ensure that contractors can stay in control of the way that they work, with full flexibility, and continue to access exciting new contracts.

As a part of Procorre Partners, contractors are able to interchangeably alter their relationship with Procorre to ensure compliance with any type of contract, retaining full flexibility as a contractor and receiving a range of benefits. For projects deemed 'inside IR35', partners can take advantage of the Employed Partner Model, and for projects 'outside IR35', our Partner Fee Model is available.

Learn more about IR35

Referral Platform

Another aspect of our Partner benefits is the Procorre Referrals platform, which allows you to share and refer consultants in your network for live vacancies here at Procorre, rewarding you with a monthly placement fee for all successful hires. The platform also allows you to easily connect your LinkedIn network and automate the referral process, making it quick and simple to refer and get the earning rewards on offer.

partner benefits referral platform

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

When operating as a Procorre Partner, an independent consultant receives a number of additional benefits not always made available via other employed options such as Umbrella Companies. From feedback received from our Partners, it is not just support relating to job search that they require, it was the advice they could also receive via our Employee Assistance Programme.

In today’s pressurised and fast changing world, everyone needs a hand from time to time. Whether you’re after practical advice on a small work issue or emotional support during a major life crisis, the EAP is here to help.

The Employee Assistance Programme is a completely confidential advice service, offering assistance for whatever life throws at you. From management challenges at work to relationship difficulties at home, from legal problems to family dilemmas, we are only a phone-call away.

The service is staffed by a range of highly experienced consultants, including counsellors, psychotherapists, solicitors and financial experts, all qualified to give you clear, relevant guidance on the challenges you face. Whether you’re a junior employee or the chief executive, they are available 24 hours a day to talk over the full gamut of professional and personal issues that might be affecting you, including work/life balance, stress, organisational change, redundancy and performance.

Insurance Coverage

There are a range of insurance options that are available in the market for contractors. At Procorre, as part of our Partner benefits, we provide our partners with an insurance pack which not only meets the requirements often outlined within contracts but also look to protect their income with a Project Income Guarantee.  This guarantee gives our partners income security and removes anxiety surrounding potential injury or illness, by paying the consultant up to 60% of their remaining project fee if they are unable to complete the project due to serious injury or illness.

The robust Procorre Partner insurance pack includes.

  • Employers Liability
  • Public and Products
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors and Officers
  • Legal Expenses
  • Project Income Guarantee

Contractor Mortgage Assistance

Due to fluctuations in earning income, it can often be more difficult for independent contractors to secure mortgage loans than for PAYE workers. Lenders will typically make their assessments based on three main points:

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Security

While income and expenses can usually be addressed with the correct paperwork and support, the security aspect of a mortgage consideration is where contractors may face difficulty. Long gaps between contracts and shorter-term contracts can make it difficult for lenders to make an affordability assessment.

Despite the challenges contractors may face, with the right support contractor mortgages can be attainable. Procorre Partners receive access to dedicated contractor-focused mortgage advice, to guide them every step of the way when applying for mortgages.

Learn more about contractor mortgages.