Contracting Overseas

Contracting Overseas

A guide on mobilising for international projects

Becoming a contractor without borders

Have you ever considered contracting overseas? Many contractors love their career choice due to its flexibility, increased opportunity, and ability to take ones skills anywhere in the world. Different countries across the globe have different skill shortages in certain areas, creating demand and opportunity for specific types of contractors looking to broaden their experience into new countries.

But, how exactly does a contractor start working overseas? With varying employment law in different countries, it can be tricky to know exactly what steps you need to take.

Protecting yourself when working abroad

Different countries around the world have different legal systems, which aren’t always similar to the UK. In the UK, we’re fortunate to have a good court system, where civil lawsuits can be finalised quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, leads to employers and end-clients ensuring payment to contractors on time as a result.

One of the best ways that you can protect yourself and your payments when working abroad is to work for reputable end-clients and agencies. However, it is not always clear which ones these are. Therefore, we recommend partnering with an organisation who covers all the legal administration that comes with contracting for end-clients and agencies.

Our sister company Procorre Global covers you for all this and more, ensuring you remain compliant and protected 24/7. Procorre Global can act as an employer of record for our contractors or, if necessary, ensure the negotiation of relevant arbitration clauses for our partners and their international clients, ensuring total protection.

Paying taxes and IR35 overseas

It’s no surprise that IR35 has increased demand for UK-based contractors to work overseas, however, how exactly does it work? Does working abroad always mitigate your IR35 liability?

The answer to that question is a complex one, and fundamentally depends on where you pay your taxes. Once you lose liability to pay taxes in the UK, you can forget about any IR35 headaches that you may have had. Although, if for whatever reason, you are still paying UK taxes, then IR35 will work in the same way. HMRC will use the same procedures to ensure that your contracts are compliant with the way that you are working. With international clients, who are less au-fait with the IR35 changes, this can be trickier. As part of the Procorre Partners’ offering, we provide full support with IR35, ensuring that your contracts work the best for you. This can be applied for both domestic, and international contracts if required.

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Getting started with international projects

If you’re starting to make the necessary considerations for contracting overseas, but need some support to get started, Procorre Global’s experienced team are on-hand to support our partners with any challenges they may face. When you join Procorre Partners, you gain exclusive access to our global team, alongside our recruitment team. With Procorre, your next international contract is just around the corner.

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