About Us

Our Story

Procorre is a global consultancy. Our mission is to provide a first-class service through our team of expert consultants (Procorre Partners), who deliver projects around the world

Procorre Partners are handpicked on account of their established expertise and unbeatable track record in their chosen sectors. Our specialist sectors include Renewables, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Financial Services and more.

Currently, over a thousand Procorre Partners work around the world on projects for some of the world’s most ambitious organisations. Our Partners receive in-depth, one-to-one support to ensure that they are able to discover, engage and excel in their projects with full support.

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What Makes us Different

When we are asked "what makes Procorre different?" it is easy to focus on our global reach or our growing influence within the renewable sector, however, in realty what makes us different is our Partners. Procorre Partners are at the heart of everything we do and achieve, as such we ensure that time and support is designated to help them further their contracting experience and present them with greater opportunities available to them.

Independent consultants are invited to become a Partner of Procorre following discussions with either one of our dedicated Relationship Managers, an introduction made by one of our business divisions or a recommendation from another Procorre Partner. Consultants look to engage with Procorre for a number of reasons and as such we have ensured that the engagement models available facilitate their chosen way of working.

“Our Partners fully engage with Procorre to introduce opportunities, contribute to the growth of the group, and ultimately advance their earning potential and career progression.”

Steve Smith, Head of Partner Services

Our Values

Integrity: We’re open and honest in everything we do, and work hard to instil trust in our relationships. We meet the needs of our clients, adapt and comply with legislative change both ethically and professionally.

Visionary: Procorre is the product of an entrepreneurial vision, and this vision is at the heart of everything that we do. We are intuitive to the world’s business and social landscape and constantly innovate with our network to better the world around us.

Collaborative: Procorre’s industry activity brings people together; we host events and share opportunities regularly to foster productive relationships. The collaborative nature of Procorre allows for us to utilise multiple minds and enhance the effectiveness of our services.

Empowering: We champion equality and believe in fair opportunities for all consultants, regardless of their background or gender. Our initiatives strive to empower our consultants and reward them for their contribution to our expert network.

Challenging: Procorre isn’t averse to operating in unfamiliar territory and challenging ourselves to expand what we know. We regularly explore new technologies and industries to discover areas of opportunity, growing our capabilities and ability to support others

Corporate Responsibility

Communities: As a global management consultancy operating all around the globe, Procorre is committed to promoting wider benefits for communities, supporting equality in the working environment and protecting our planet through the implementation of progressive ideas and strategies. Engagement with and immersing ourselves within local communities is an essential strategy. We work very closely with organisations who are ‘on the ground’ to ensure successful outcomes.

Our Ethos: Our policy is committed to ensuring safe, rewarding and economically productive work and engagement within local communities. We also work hard to promote inclusion and equality of opportunity in every sense, so that talent is recognised and rewarded.

Equality: Procorre are passionate about promoting equality in the workplace and ensuring that everyone is given equal opportunity as we work towards a better future. As a global consultancy, we promote equality and diversity as we embark on projects around the world. We champion consulting as an appropriate career choice for everyone, enabling people to discover flexibility and higher pay as we assist them in finding their next opportunities.

Environment: Passionate about the environment; Procorre is an innovative organisation with a duty to explore new, progressive business ideas to protect the planet. We look forward to continuing our work with unique green energy projects over the coming years to building a clean future together.

Charity Work: Procorre and its dedicated staff are also proud to have raised money for numerous charities over the years. These charities include Brain Tumour Research, Save The Children, The Rifles Regimental Trust, Macmillan Nurses and Cardiomyopathy UK. We look forward to continuing our charity work with new initiatives and staff events.

Procorre Partners Service Team

Anne O’Donnell

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Smith

Head of Partner Services

Juliette Wreford

Relationship Manager

Hollie Parker

Relationship Manager