Partner Services

Partner Fee Model

Alongside realising the importance of flexibility required for both consultant and clients, Procorre has ensured that it provides the required level of support when Partners are presented with projects determined outside of IR35.

Being 'outside IR35' means you're operating outside of the IR35 rules by operating as a genuine business. By operating outside IR35, you are paying your own salary, drawing the remaining as your dividends and therefore are responsible for doing your own taxes.

In addition to ensuring that the legislative requirements are met to both confirm their status against IR35 or support them in a SDS challenge, the exclusive Partner status at Procorre enables individuals to switch between inside and outside IR35 models enabling individuals to get the most out of their current project opportunity. This also helps improve flexibility and increase opportunities.

Why choose becoming a Procorre Partner?

Procorre Partners whose project is deemed outside of IR35 have the option of undertaking the contractual obligation via their Limited Company and engaging with Procorre by the Partner Fee model.

The model’s monthly subscription is deemed as a business expense and as such can be included in the company accounts, which reduces the corporation tax liability normally incurred.

This model enables Partners to continue the use their company as the payment vehicle and pay a monthly subscription fee to Procorre, giving them access to the additional Partner Benefits of being a Procorre Partner.

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Some Procorre Partners Benefits include: