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Benefits of becoming a Procorre Partner

Procorre Partners enjoy a wide array of benefits, ensuring that every aspect of their working and personal life is covered, and that they have full support to explore new opportunities, exceed client expectations, and gain the most from their careers.


Procorre Partners gain access to a variety of bonus schemes to allow them to earn over and beyond their earning potential. Partners can refer friends and colleagues into new roles for additional earnings.

Healthcare Packages

Receive access to a wide range of healthcare insurances whether you're in a contract in the UK or internationally. Our packages disregard medical history and give you access to the best healthcare.

Insurance Coverage

Ensure that you're covered with all of the essential insurances for a seamless contracting career, along with Procorre's own coverages to ensure financial security for you and your family.

Mortgage Assistance

Many contractors face difficulties when applying for mortgage loans. Procorre Partners receive exclusive access to dedicated contractor mortgage advisors to provide full support.

Accountancy Portal

Partner receive access to a personalised accountancy portal to assist with the financial challenges of contracting, along with full support from Procorre's financial team.


Our employment models ensure that you can alternate your relationship with Procorre to navigate IR35 and work on new projects, whatever their determination may be.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Assisting partners with their personal and mental health is a key focus for Procorre, and as a partner, you gain access to qualified advisors within our EAP.

Job Searching Assistance

Procorre Partners has a dedicated recruitment team who work hard to discover exciting new projects. Our partners receive exclusive access to the team and our roles.

"With over 20 years' experience in the contracting market, we are proud to provide full coverage for all of our partners' challenges. We promote consulting as a lucrative way to work, and support contractors every step of the way."

Steve Smith - Head of Partner Services

Engage with Procorre as a Procorre Partner

Independent contractors can engage with Procorre to enhance their contractual experience in line with the conditions of their project.


Partner with Procorre via your LTD


Partner with Procorre as an employee